Jasmine Hall


1. Floor plan is based on the information and specifications provided to GJC by Bombay Exhibition Center (Nesco). GJC makes no representation about the accuracy and correctness of the plan and disclaims all liability thereof.
2. GJC reserves the right to make any necessary changes on the floor plan considering legal, safety, regulatory, or any other requirement. All exhibitors are liable to strictly adhere to any such change.
3. Few pillars at the venue may be cladded for overall show branding. Measures will be taken so that it does not obstructs the view of the booth, however the pillar may be closer to booths at select few locations, therefore the Exhibitors are required to request for booth allocation accordingly. GJC shall not be liable or responsible for any pay impact of such cladded pillars on the exhibitors and booths.
4. Allocation within the floor plan is at the discretion of GJC and there is no guarantee provided of accessibility, infrastructure, visibility, and space with regards to each such allocation.
5. Installations, design elements, cafeteria, information kiosks will be created by GJC, and it has the right to change their positions / dimensions / direction / remove without any prior notice.
6. For the convenience of the applicants, merging of the booths is allowed only before the allotment or during the allotment process, based on the confirmation from the design team of GJS and the requirement of the Exhibition. Merging of booths based on requests in the application will be at the sole discretion of GJC. GJC would be giving ready basic stalls with furniture’s to the exhibitors, kindly note that no additional construction / fabrication by the exhibitors will be allowed.
7. It is imperative to note that the floor plan is merely to aid the participants and not provide any representation, confirmation or guarantee from GJC. The entire set up and arrangement is at the discretion and the sole decision of GJC.
8. GJC shall not be responsible/liable for the plan, design, temporary construction, facilities, and infrastructure at the Exhibition
9. GJC reserves the right to amend / modify / alter the floor plan as and when required due to Covid protocols and SOPs.