Terms & Conditions

Trade Visitor Terms & Conditions - GJS 2022

These are the terms and conditions for the persons visiting theIndia Gem and Jewellery Show (“GJS”) being organised by All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (“GJC”), whether asparticipants, sponsors, organisers, branding partners, vendor, booth attendants, technicians, workers, staff, any of their representativesor otherwise (“Visitors”). GJC may change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms and conditions at any time, by posting such changes on the website of GJS, being www.gjsindia.org (“GJS Website”).

  • Each Visitor will be provided a badge (“Visitor Badge”).
  • EachVisitor must follow and strictly adhere tothese terms and conditions, all other terms and conditions of GJC in relation to the GJS, as may be notified from time to time, on the GJS Website or by other means.
  • The Visitor must follow all security norms and parameters defined by GJC for entry and exit points of the exhibition halls.
  • GJC reserves the right to postpone/cancel/transfer/change the date, time orlocation of the GJS, and the Visitor shall have no claims against GJC whatsoever, in this regard.
  • The Visitor Badge must be worn by the Visitor all the times while in the premises of any location of the GJS, and in a manner such that the Visitor Badge is clearly displayed and visible.
  • GJC reserves the right to refuse admission/suspend entry to the show of any Visitor,or other categories of badges, for security reasons and/or creating disturbance or discomfort of any kind to the GJS.Further, GJC reserves the right to admit any pre-registered Visitor as per its discretion, even if the visitors’ badges have been issued and paid for the show.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are NOT allowed to enter the premises of the GJS,nor be the booth attendant/technicians/workers/staff.
  • Visitors registration fees and other fees once submitted will be non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstances. Instances like change of employment, transfer in service, cancellation of visit etc., will not be entertained.
  • Visitor Badges which getblocked due to breach of security norms will not be allowed to visit the GJS, or any other shows of GJC being held in the future.
  • For security reasons, luggage should be deposited at the baggage counter located near the registration hall or any other area as may be specifiedduring the t GJS.
  • In case the Visitor misplaces/damages the Visitor Badge,a duplicate Visitor Badge may be provided for a chargeat the rate of INR.1000/- (One Thousand only) + additional GST, per duplicate Visitor Badge.
  • The Visitor registration charges include the charges for Allied Section as well.
  • Visitor registration charges are exclusive of GST and the invoice will be issued after the GJS to the relevant applicant company/firm as provided by the Visitor in the application form.
  • As applicable, in the event any employee/staff/personnelof the Visitor leaves or is no longer associated with the Visitor, then it will be the Visitor’s responsibility to inform GJC to discontinue the registration of that employee/staff/personnel and the Visitor will need to withdraw the relevant details from the online directory. However, the registration charges will not be refunded or replaced in any circumstances.
  • Visitor Badge will be given only to the representatives having their business type strictly restricted to Gem &Jewellery Industry and can register through online portal.
  • Exhibitor companies at GJS will not be issued a Visitor Badge.
  • Photography/Videography inside the exhibition is strictly prohibited. GJC’s officials reserve the right to confiscate the camera/phone and further, if deemed fit cancel the relevant Visitor’sregistration and block their Visitor Badge.

Visitor Registration - Terms & Policy

  • For any legal issue, All subject is limit to Mumbai judiciary only
  • All Visitor registration one approved are final and non-modifiable.
  • Visitor to follow necessary protocol related with COVID-19, as per the government guidelines. E. G. Wear mask at all time, Should carry fully vaccinated certificate , Maintain distance of six feet with each other.
  • All India gem & Jewellery council reserved right to cancel any person or company to attend the show subject to documentation or found not following government COVID-19 guidelines
  • No refunds will be issued if a person does not attend the event.
  • All India gem & Jewellery council will only approve application form on the successful transaction . If payment is not received, but credited from your account, council is not liable for it.
  • All Online Pre-registration are accepted by Cash free integrated Payment gateway through Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card.
  • Council reserve the right to amend these terms and charges without prior notice.

For any queries kindly contact GJC office at – 022-67382700

Or visit www.gjsindia.org.in