GJS SEPT'24 EDITION 25th to 28th September 2024
GJS APRIL'25 EDITION 4th to 7th April 2025
GJS SEPT'25 EDITION 16th to 19th September 2025

About GJC


Brilliance takes shape when experience meets the passion of creation

Promoting Protecting Progressing

All India Gem And Jewellery Domestic Council is a national trade federation established with the objective to address the industry, its functioning and its cause with a 360° approach to promote and progress its growth, while protecting the industry’s interests. As a self-regulated trade body, GJC, since the last 19 years, has been serving as a bridge between the Government and the trade as well as undertaking various initiatives on behalf of and for the industry.

GJC represents the interests of over 6 lakh gem and jewellery businesses from across the country. GJC represents various industry segments such as Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Allied, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, Gem stones, machinery, etc. including the entire industry value chain from bullion to retail.

GJC also undertakes various initiatives and programmes that are aimed at improving industry business practices, promote compliance, standardization and transparency, promoting professionalism for the growth and development of the industry sector. The organization also initiates various promotional activities to further retail businesses as well as manufacturing segments through various dedicated platforms designed for the purpose.

With the view to develop skills, promote entrepreneurship and expand career opportunities, GJC undertakes various educational programmes for skills upgrade of artisans, retail segment, etc., offers sponsorship to deserving design students and works closely with various gem and jewellery institutes to encourage talent and facilitates opening up of opportunities for an emerging workforce.

Our Achievements

Excise duty rollback in 2005

The inception of GJC, then GJF was with a very clear objective to see the constructive growth & development of the industry across India in the right direction. GJC held multi-city conferences with industry leaders and made representations to the Union Finance Minister on excise duty levy. Industry concerns were explained and finally, efforts paid off when the levy was a rollback in 2008.

Excise duty rollback in 2012

In 2012, Excise Duty was again implemented on the Gems & Jewellery Industry. GJC took this burning issue on top priority and represented it to the Government, resulting in rollback of Excise Duty.

Pivotal role in abolishing 80:20 scheme

GJC played a pivotal role in abolishing 80:20 Gold scheme, which was severely hampering the growth of the Gems & Jewellery Industry. GJC organised multiple meetings with important stakeholders of the industry and Government, to represent this concern.

Excise Duty in 2016

The Union Budget 2016, levied Excise Duty on the Gems & Jewellery sector, wherein GJC vital role in removing the fear of Excise Raaj amongst the trade and bringing in ease of business with support from the Government. The government then leased various circulars and notifications, accepting most of the demands made by the jewellers, thus ensuring almost 85% of the industry out of the ambit of Excise Duty.

PAN Card Limit on Jewellery Sales

GJC has been proactively representing the concerns pertaining to the mandatory requirement of PAN card copy submission on purchase of 2 lakhs and above. Time and again, GJC highlights this concern to the Government to raise the limit to 5 lakhs.

Representing Concerns on Hallmarking

GJC has been representing industry case on hallmarking before the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) time and again. It has held various regional meetings and is now working closely with the abovementioned bodies on policy formulation.

GST 3% for Gem and Jewellery Industry

GJC in a very short span, met Finance Minister, Revenue Secretary, members of GST council and more than 25 state Finance Ministers, and represented the concerns of higher GST which was proposed at 7% initially. Through a rigorous approach and discussion, the Government implemented 3% GST for the Gems & Jewellery Industry. A separate slab of GST is only witnessed in the Jewellery Industry.

Pro-Active approach in Pre-Budget Recommendations

As an apex body of the Gems and Jewellery Industry, to safeguard the industry and its affiliates, GJC has been giving great importance to industry needs and demands. Since its inception, it has been preparing pre-Budget recommendations every year, which is sent to various Ministries.

Protect the G&J industry against the ambit of “Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA)”

On January 29, 2013, GJC convened various meetings with members to discuss the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Over 45 days, the GJC team met key dignitaries in Ministry, Financial Intelligence Unit and many other Govt bodies and helped the industry get out the ambit of PMLA.

Educating the Industry through Seminars and Meets

One of the prime objectives of GJC is to assist the Industry to become more organized and to do so, GJC since its inception has held many seminars and meets on important subjects such as GST, Hallmarking, PMLA, Excise, Import Duty, Taxation, Compliance, etc to protect the interest of the industry and share knowledge to the fraternity.

CSR Activities

GJC also undertakes various CSR activities on behalf of the industry during any natural calamities or any crucial period to help the society, such as Nepal Flood relief, Mumbai Bomb blasts victim fund, Kerala flood relief fund etc.

About GJS


To further jewellery promotion in India, GJC proudly presents it's B2B Jewellery Expo “GJS - INDIA GEM & JEWELLERY SHOW”. GJS comprises the top of the line manufacturers/wholesalers of Gems & Jewellery as well as dealers from all over the industry. GJS assembles the best retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, traders, and delegates from across India. GJS is the ultimate sourcing platform for doing business and a must-attend for every jeweller interested in the Indian market. GJS includes the participation of large number of exhibitors from India.

The show creates a conducive atmosphere for the Retailers to explore various exclusive and trendsetting Jewellery and encourage a strong business relationship. It gathers the best industry players under one roof, facilitating networking, knowledge-sharing, and the discovery of new business prospects. GJS is dedicated to creating a valuable and enriching experience for all attendees.

A new Journey, shining opportunities

A tribute to a 5000-years-old heritage is a brand new expo, spanning across 25,000 sq. meters set to create industry-wide ripples of change.

The show will have participants from

Gold Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Loose stones and gemstones

Silver Jewellery & Artifacts

Allied and Machinery

The Promise




Cities road shows




Hosted buyers

Committee Members

Saiyam Mehra
Mr. Saiyam Mehra
Chairman, GJS Convener
Rajesh Rokde
Mr. Rajesh Rokde
Vice Chairman
Ashish Pethe
Mr. Ashish Pethe
Immediate Past Chairman
Nitin Khandelwal
Mr. Nitin Khandelwal
Past Chairman
Ashok Minawala
Mr. Ashok Minawala
Past Chairman
Madan Kothari
Mr. Madan Kothari
COA Member
Nilesh Shobhawat
Mr. Nilesh Shobhawat
COA Member
Sahil Mehra
Mr. Sahil Mehra
COA Member
Ashish Vardhaman
Mr. Ashish Vardhaman Kothari
Co Opted COA
Sanjay Agrawal
Mr. Sanjay Agrawal
Committee Member
Pramod Mehta
Mr. Pramod Mehta
Committee Member GJS